How to Clean your Driveway

How to Clean your Driveway

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Make sure your home keeps its kerb appeal for many years to come! 

Your new garden has been a big investment so you want to make sure it always looks it best.  We've pulled together our top tips for making sure your patio or driveway remains as good as the day it was laid! 


Keeping your driveway clean is important in maintaining its appearance and durability. For most driveways, a quick sweep and occasional wash with water will suffice in preventing any dirt buildup.


It's also crucial to regularly inspect for loose or damaged pavers and clean any stains from cars or bird droppings as soon as possible to avoid damage or staining. Some stains may require the use of a driveway cleaner. However, take care to check on a small area before using a driveway cleaner, and use it sparingly to avoid any adverse effects.

Avoid using a pressure washer to clean your driveway as it may cause damage. Instead, consult our aftercare team for advice on suitable cleaning products.



After cleaning, the jointing of block paving will require re-sanding as a lot of the sand will wash out.Simply brush kiln-dried sand into the joints on a dry day and top up as necessary when you see any wear and tear. 


During colder weather, it is not advised to put salt down as it can affect the durability of your block paving. Use a shovel or brush to remove snow instead.




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