Aged Riven ECO Paving with plants

Find Your Perfect Paving Pair With Our Three Tools


Do you want to fall head over heels for your garden? Are you looking to reignite that magic spark when contemplating your garden or spending time outdoors?


At Bradstone, we are on a mission to make you fall in love with your outdoor space and find the ONE. Whether you’re an eco-conscious gardener or a city dweller, our guide below will help you find your perfect (paving) match.


Find the right garden paving for you


Grey Agend Riven ECO paving

You: eco-conscious gardener

Your match: Aged Riven Eco 


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly paving choice for your garden, Aged Riven ECO is the one for you. Offering a reduced carbon footprint of more than 20% compared to older versions of the product, Aged Riven ECO brings your garden a traditional appearance. The paving appears naturally timeworn, making it blend naturally and seamlessly into the fabric of your garden, really bringing into focus the power of nature, and helping you showcase the wildlife and plant life you have scattered around. 


Romeli Porcelain paving

You: busy parent 

Your match: Romeli 


If garden maintenance and upkeep is the thing that always gets ignored on your to-do list, Romeli porcelain paving is for you. The contemporary slabs are low maintenance, hard-wearing and scratch resistant, so you can leave them alone throughout the year and not worry about wear and tear from the kids running around. Romeli mimics the look of natural stone, and its fettled edges bring a charm to your outdoor space, especially on those summer nights spent relaxing outdoors.  


Quarried Old town ECO Paving In Garden

You: History buff

Your match: Old Town ECO


When you look out at your garden, are you longing for a bit of history? Old Town ECO could be the perfect match for you! This concrete paver is made using moulds from the floor of a Lancashire cotton mill. Your garden will come alive with the charm of days gone by, complete with the original tool marks and weathered edges. You’ll feel the history oozing out of this low-carbon footprint paving. 


StoneMaster Concrete Paving


You: City-dweller 

Your Match: StoneMaster Concrete Paving 


Are you working with a small outdoor space that has left you feeling uninspired in design ideas? StoneMaster long-aspect paving is the best choice for you. Its elongated design offers the illusion of more space and can help you make the most of a more limited area. With three shades to choose from, sold in single colour packs, you can mix and match to create the perfect look.


Natural Limestone Garden Slabs

You: Longing for a bit of natural beauty 

Your match: Natural Limestone 


Do you look out at your garden and dream of a bit more natural beauty? Natural Limestone paving is awash with style, featuring outstanding beauty, unique shades and distinctive veining, creating a garden that looks in tune with nature. At the same time, it has superb strength and durability, ensuring your patio looks great for years to come.

If you still haven’t found your perfect match, worry not! We have all the paving tools you’ll need to find your garden soul mate.


Bring your vision to life with our innovative Pave my Space visualiser, so you can see which patio options best suit your garden, or you could find more inspiration with our online quiz, designed to help you find your perfect match.


If you’re still undecided, our free sample ordering service lets you try before you buy, avoiding any disappointment or awkwardness when you meet in real life for the first time.


For more garden advice or inspiration, read our blog or call our friendly staff here.