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Trending Garden Colours 2023


As we step into a new year, it's time to refresh and rejuvenate our outdoor spaces with the latest garden design trends. Just like fashion and interior design, gardens have their own palette of trending hues that can transform your outdoor oasis into a visual delight. 

No matter the size of your space, these colourful garden trends of 2023 will infuse your outdoor space with vibrance, style, and a touch of modernity, so what garden trends and colours are set to dominate the year?

Earthy Terracotta

Embracing terracotta's warm and earthy tones is a major trend for 2023. This timeless hue adds a touch of Mediterranean charm to any garden, and after taking a sabbatical from the garden design trends of the past few years, it’s now back with a vengeance. 

Incorporate terracotta by using clay pots for your plants, creating a focal point with terracotta tiles, or incorporating terracotta-coloured accessories such as cushions or outdoor rugs. 

This rich, rusty shade pairs beautifully with greens, blues, and neutrals, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere and is a fantastic shade when looking for patio ideas. Why not try our rustic red carpet stones or Ashbourne ECO concrete paving in York gold to double down on this gorgeous garden trend?

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Serene Sage Green

Green continues to be a popular choice for garden colour schemes in 2023, running into this season from 2022. This soft and soothing shade evokes a sense of tranquillity and works well as a backdrop for lush foliage, which is why it is such a popular garden trend. 

Consider painting fences or garden walls in a muted green, using it as an accent colour for furniture, or incorporating it into your plant choices. Combine sage green with pops of white or creamy beige for a fresh and elegant look. You can also add a touch of green to your patio with stunning paving like natural limestone in Azure.

Green Sage Plant

Deep Dark Greys

For those seeking a bold and dramatic statement, dark grey is the garden trend to watch in 2023, adding sophistication and depth to outdoor spaces. Incorporate darker hues of grey through cushions, outdoor rugs, or even painted furniture, or opt for a new porcelain patio in dark grey for a modern and sophisticated look. 

Pair it with lighter shades such as crisp whites, lighter greys, or even vibrant yellows to balance its intensity. The contrasting combination will create a striking and modern aesthetic, ideal for those looking for patio ideas that are a little different.

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Light and Airy Shades

White and beige hues are making a comeback in garden design trends for 2023, bringing a sense of class and charm. These light and airy colours create a romantic and timeless atmosphere, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of your garden.

Neutral linen fabrics, beige or rattan decorative accessories, and paving stones like the Edale ECO concrete paving in cream or the Tatra porcelain paving in beige can bring a neutral and understated look that allows your garden’s beauty to shine through.

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Vibrant Citrus

Infuse your outdoor space with a burst of energy and zest by incorporating vibrant citrus colours. Think bright oranges, sunny yellows, and tangy greens that will add a Spanish twist to your patio area, really upping the ante when it comes to garden design trends in 2023. 

You can add these lively hues through potted citrus trees, bold outdoor cushions, or even painted garden structures like pergolas or trellises. Citrus colours bring a playful and refreshing vibe to your garden, creating an atmosphere that's perfect for entertaining and summer gatherings. These colours really stand out against a rustic or natural patio colour, like the Old Town ECO concrete paving.

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If you are looking for some advice on trying out new garden design trends in 2023, we can help. Get in touch with a Bradstone-approved landscaper for expert advice and patio ideas for your garden here.