Where Does The Cost Of Patio Paving Go?

Where Does The Cost Of Patio Paving Go?


Paving projects are extensive undertakings that significantly change how you use your garden.
They even have a positive impact on your home’s value, so it’s no surprise that they usually require a significant investment — depending on the scope of your project, you could spend anywhere from £1,300 upwards for a quality job well done.
Understanding how your money is spent during a patio project may help to see where your investment goes.


A substantial portion of the project cost goes into the set-up of the building area including sub-base preparation as well as sub base materials. It’s vitally important that your driveway or patio is
supported by load-bearing layer and is often forgot by customer until the project starts.
Unsurprisingly, the area of sub-base will be just as large as that of the stones being laid. So, you’re doubling the number of materials required to begin the work.
It’s vital to your project to include a well-constructed sub-base layer. This is because a finished, quality sub-base will enhance your product, allowing good drainage and a stable platform. The last thing we would want is householders omitting a sub-base layer to save costs only to be left with paving that deviates from the original level or fails to last anywhere near the expectancy.


Labour Costs

Another significant factor in the paving cost is labour. Paving projects involve a skilled workforce, and these individuals work hard to plan, prepare, and lay your paving stones perfectly.
Labour costs can vary depending on the complexity and scale of your project, as well as prevailing wage rates in the region, which will factor in when it comes to the total paving cost.

When you’re investing a good amount into your patio cost, it pays to use a team of skilled garden landscapers. When you choose a Bradstone-assured installer to lay your patio using Bradstone
products, you’ll access a 10-year guarantee on the paving stones, helping your investment into the patio cost go further.

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Equipment and Machinery

Paving requires specialised equipment and machinery, adding to garden landscaping costs, such as pavers, rollers, and cement mixers. The purchase, maintenance, and operation of this heavy
equipment will be factored into your landscaper’s quote and will add to the overall patio cost.


Finally, we come to the products themselves! When figuring the garden landscaping cost, we suggest using the 80/20 where 80% is the labour, preparation, and sub-base materials and 20% is
the product. So relatively small in the scheme of things!

It’s vital that before deciding to invest in a patio, you get to grips with what you want your patio to look like. Different types of pavers will give a different look but will also add up to varying paving costs.
For example, the Stonemaster replica granite concrete paving. is a stunning choice but will have a different look and final cost than the more cost effective Edale concrete paving stone. Porcelain Paving is arguably one of the best looking stones on offer but have a significant range in price and feel.
Regardless of what look you go for, it’s crucial that you choose quality stones to ensure that your patio and investment will stand the test of time. At Bradstone, we have the paver to suit every
project. Check out our product explainer to show you just what we mean .

Project Scope

If you want a small paved patio with good access, great soil, and simple concrete paving, you can expect the patio cost to be less than a huge patio, in a hard-to-reach area, with soil
that needs extra preparation.
While it’s no secret that the investment for a paving project is quite significant, you must choose quality sub-base materials and invest in skilled laborers that can maximise your investment for you — buy cheap, buy twice!
If you’d like to get started with your next patio project, order free samples of our quality paving online, and find one of our trusted garden landscapers to help you bring your patio vision to life here.