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By The Secret Gardener

Lisa Cooper

This week on our blog we are joined by Lisa. Lisa is one of our Installer Sales Managers. She has been with us for 17 years , 9 of those within Bradstone. 

What is your role at Bradstone?

As an Installer Sales Manager I am responsible for looking after many of our assured members and checking that they have all the tools they need to promote the Bradstone products. I cover quite a wide area mostly in the East Midlands but also covering South Yorkshire, Humberside, Norfolk and Suffolk. I love getting to talk to all of the installers, it is really satisfying seeing their designs come to life! 

The Bradstone Assured scheme is a network of approved and accredited landscapers that have been assessed on previous jobs, subjected to reference checks and scrutinised to ensure they have valid professional indemnity and insurance policies. Meaning you can always turn to a

Bradstone Assured installer with confidence, knowing they have been approved by us. You can find out more information on our assured scheme here

Bradstone Team

What have you been up to during lockdown? 

I live on my own so the first couple of weeks were spent with some quality time with my cat! At first I was determined to make the most of the time and took to organising all of the cupboards and trying plenty of house hacks! I even bought a sewing machine with the best of intentions but it is still in the box waiting to be used! My neighbour is a paramedic so I took to baking as my personal thank you to the NHS (I had no complaints so hopefully they went down well!) 

What is your favourite Bradstone product? 

One of my favourite Bradstone products has always been our Riverwashed Limestone. I really like this product as I feel it can be used in a very versatile setting from contemporary to traditional. I find that with the riven finish it gives a very warm feel to the space and the sawn edges give it a lovely clean finish. I think it is one of our best kept secrets! 

Riverwashed Limestone paving features a naturally split and partially rubbed surface finish with sawn edges, giving it a beautifully clean and consistent finish it is available in a 15.3m2 patio pack that features 4 different sizes more information on the product can be found here

What was your favourite 2020 project? 

I see so many beautiful projects in my job and I’m always happy to see my installers making the brochure! If I had to pick a favourite I would have to say a Vetusto job by Harris Hard Landscaping. He paired it up with Natural Sandstone Walling slips. Vetusto is so versatile and can be used in modern and traditional settings. I love how this product sits in so well with the entire garden. Throughout the project different textures have been used to create different areas of interest. 

Harris Hard Landscaping is an Assured Installer based in Leicester. To find your local assured installer click here

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