Gallery garden

Cool and sosphisticated are the words that sum this garden up for me. It is a grown-up place to entertain, cook and relax.

The concept

A range of Bradstone product to make the hard landscaping details join the whole scheme together in an elegant fashion. The planting is subtle but holds your eye year round by using a solitary evergreen tree and a cluster of silvery white stemmed birch.

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To create the modern feel of the Gallery Garden seek out crisp ‘designer’ feeling accessories or fun arty items.

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This garden is much more a statement piece and the use of bold clusters of shrubs will provide a lot of interest; therefore perennials are used in limited quantities.

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Border plants

In the Gallery Garden the bulk of the planting is created from evergreen shrubs. This creates waves of solid form providing year round interest and visual colour.

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Natural Granite

The perfect choice if you're looking to add a modern look and feel to your outdoor space. With its straight machine cut edges, textured top surface it provides a perfectly minimalist and contemporary backdrop for architectural type planting


Natural Granite brings a modern and minimalist feel to any outdoor space thanks to its straight machine cut edges, textured top surface and choice of two beautifully simple colours. 


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I think there is also flexibility to personalise your space to compliment your home and lifestyle.
Paul Hervey-Brookes

The paving

I have contrasted the rugged nature of Natural Granite paving with the sleek character of smooth Sandstone. The Natural Granite garden paving is a perfect choice for an ultra-modern terrace area, helping to create a sleek design. I've then used the Sandstone paving to make the main terrace and also to create two stylish riased beds in the garden. The paving is cut into strips to use a modern coping stone which also doubles as an informal perch for visitors to rest upon.

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